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Gifts & Prizes
Mobile Top up & E-Recharge only in INDIA

Well, we look forward to reduce your Mobile Expenses ? Get 100 points and get topup for your mobile. Based upon your scores, Our Team would do topup for your mobile phones across the Nation, which benefits all the  subscribers in INDIA. A minimum of 100 points is required for Prepaid topup and a minimum of 300 points for  Postpaid. Ensure that you are providing a proper Mobile number during registration to get the recharge coupons and bill payments of your postpaid mobile. On Scoring 100 to 500 points your topup will be activated.
So, Let's Start and WIN, And We will Take Care of your Monthly Mobile Phone Expense.
  Eg: 100 points - 10 Rs, 250 points - 25 Rs Topup, 500 points - 50 Rs Topup . . .
IT Acumens Branded T-Shirts

Once your score has been updated upto 800 points, you will get our Branded Company T-Shirts, Shirts and Caps. your profile will show the no. of quizzes you have taken and also the last quiz of yours. So that Our software will monitor and add up your points on Daily basis to provide the winning awards on time. For Collecting these prizes you should play all the quizzes to get more points.
So, let's play all games and Win the T- shirts.
Single, Multiplayer Game CD's

Everybody have a dream to play an Extra-ordinary game. well, we have a unique and un expected collection of 1000 games CD's is waiting for YOU. Why you are waiting ? Let's take the quiz and score 1000 Points to get 1000 Games Cd and 1500 games Cd for 1500 points.  
Direct Interview with HR in MNC's

We provide an opportunity for all job seekers, to get an job without Some Basic Rounds. Take our quiz and score 2500 points to get your dream Jobs. This option is valid for both freshers and experienced. We are the platform for your Career Life. Don't be rush up in interview halls at all time, Just Simply let's play our quiz and get your Dream Job with your Fixed Goal's.  
Fast Track Watches

As soon as you became an Acumen here, your Good Time starts with a fasttrack Watches. Let's play our quiz and score 5000 points to get fast track watches. Obviously, the strip of watches is waiting for your hand to get placed. According to your scores you will get an valuable prize from Our Team.  
Titan Gold Plated Watches

Time is precious, Of course Your Valuable Moment tick's up with IT Acumens. Here, we make your time more precious after playing the quiz. To make your time more precious, just take our quiz, learn and score 10,000 points to win Attractive and Amazing Unique Collection of TITAN watches. Start your quiz, your time is running. Hurry Up !!!  
Nokia , Samsung, LG, and all Branded Mobiles

We are the First Team in INDIA to give Mobile and topup as free, just for improving your tendency towards a Good Acumen( Sharpness, Awareness & Keenness INDIAN). your job is to play the quiz and score a minimum of 20,000 points to win the top rated Mobiles Devices ( Nokia, Sony Ericson, Motorola, Samsung, Oxygen, Reliance, PDA, LG & Panasonic ) . Based upon the rating of your scores from 20,000 to 1,00,000 you will get your dream Mobile Phones, and un expected prizes for you. Let's play the quiz, Learn and get your Dream Mobile. Make Sure we will take care of your bill too. It's Challenging for your knowledge to Win Exciting Prizes.  
Bonanza Gift - Biggest Gift Ever

Bonanza GIFT : Excellent opportunity to get DELL / SONY / LG / HP / Acer / IBM Laptop's for Scoring more than 1,00,000 points. And you have an option to save your points and get Final prize instead of getting Above  prizes. We always look forward and serve you more and more. Let's Start our quiz, Learn to Shape Your Career with Us. We are the key for your Locked Future. All the best to All Our Dear and Proud INDIAN's.  


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